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We chose the name Bad Omelet to remind us of the free gift of eternal life that we've received from God thru His Son, Jesus Christ.

If you were to come to our house and I were to prepare an omelet with five good eggs and one rotten egg, I could not serve it to you and expect it to be acceptable. You would know and I would know that the omelet is bad. Even the best cheeses, mushrooms, peppers, or onions couldn't cover up that one rotten egg. Even less can we serve up our lives to God, which may have many things in them that men would call good, and yet are filled with deeds and thoughts that are rotten, and expect them to be acceptable to God. If we want to get into heaven by our good works, then all we have to do is to be perfect (Matthew 5:48). God's standard is complete obedience to Him in all things and at all times. We all fall short of this. It is impossible for anyone to get into heaven by their good works. The good eggs may be like the good things I do but I sure have some rotten eggs in my life. At one time I was confronted with one of my bad eggs.

It all started with a couple of questions...


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